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Newly built by the RSPCA's cattery builder, no expense has been spared. I am officially the smallest cattery in the UK and i can spend so much more time with the cats than many other larger catteries, i could have

extended the cattery as i have many more cats wanting places than i have room for but i will never expand the cattery as i feel seven pens means i can offer the best care and commitment to the cats .

Sleeping Compartments- i have three pens that have heated beds and four pens with unheated beds as some cats spend a lot of time outdoors and don't like a very warm environment, the whole cattery is heated though, All the chalets contain a scratch post and the sleeping areas now all have catnip scented scratch pads, i have found the scent of catnip really helps to settle the cats, toys are also provided.

Giant pink scratching post and play area for cats while they are being cleaned out!                                                                                                                           

Exercise Area

The floor of my cattery is black liquid rubber which is much better for kittens and elderly cats legs and feet than hard tiled floors, also it is much easier to steam clean between occupants.

   I now have a music sound system that plays a CD that was especially designed in America to help relax cats , it has been proven on extensive studies that cats and kittens relax to this type of sensual sounds and music and I must say it really works! Everytime I go into the cats now they are either purring away or in that deep a sleep they don't even realise I have entered the cattery!

No dogs are boarded at the cattery!

My vet is on call 24 hours a day so rest assured your pet is in the best hands!