Newly built by the RSPCA's cattery builder, no expense has been spared. I am officially the smallest cattery in the UK and i can spend so much more time with the cats than many other larger catteries, i could have extended the cattery as i have many more cats wanting places than i have room for but i will never expand the cattery as i feel seven pens means i can offer the best care and commitment to the cats .

Sleeping Compartments- i have three pens that have heated beds and four pens with unheated beds as some cats spend a lot of time outdoors and don't like a very warm environment, the whole cattery is heated though, All the chalets contain a scratch post and the sleeping areas now all have catnip scented scratch pads, i have found the scent of catnip really helps to settle the cats, toys are also provided.

We also have a giant pink scratching post and play area for cats while they are being cleaned out!  

We have a flat screen TV in the cattery in case your cat isn't into the whole 'exercising' they can sit back, relax and enjoy there favourite shows like Garfi​eld while in the comfort of a warm aesthetically pleasing environment. Our cat pens overlook the river where ducklings often swim past and squirrels run along our fence line offering much amusement to your cat!


After a long eventful day of meowing, eating and all the exercise your beloved pet can lay their head in a comfortable and calm room fitted with all the essentials for a great night sleep. This includes fluffy blankets, hammocks, sleeping bag and even there own personal scratching post for those late night cravings. Rest assured your cat will definitely have a great stay at the Victoria Cattery 🐈.


   I now have a music sound system that plays a CD that was especially designed in America to help relax cats , it has been proven on extensive studies that cats and kittens relax to this type of sensual sounds and music and I must say it really works! Everytime I go into the cats now they are either purring away or in that deep a sleep they don't even realise I have entered the cattery!

No dogs are boarded at the cattery!

My vet Stanley House is on call 24 hours a day so rest assured your pet is in the best hands!